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Global Seafood Chile S.A. produces only from fresh seafood products delivered directly from the fishing boats to our processing facilities. Fresh seafood products added to processing halls, freezing tunnels, canning lines, vacuum packaging and operations processing procedures are the key to provide only the best quality products. All of these factors provide the keys to meet the FOOD SAFETY levels our customers deserve and expect to keep a growing succesfull business.

King Crab

The largest and most impressive of all crabs, an incredible gourmet seafood.
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Chilean Sea Bass

The moderately oily meat is tender and moist with large, thick flakes.
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Sword Fish

It is moist, flavorful with a slightly sweet taste, perfect for steak lovers
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Live Spiny Lobster

Our Live Spiny Lobster is found in the cold waters of the South Pacific Ocean.
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Sea Urchin UNI

Our Chilean Premium UNI is a mild yellow color, soft texture, unique great taste of cold seawater.
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Stone Crab

Frozen Crab is white-cream color meat, sweet tasting, firm meat, great red color shell for a great plate presentation.
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Ice Centollon Crab

Known as Centollon or Hairy crab, it has a red color shell and white, sweet, tender meat texture from the cold antarctic waters.
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