Third Party Factory

GLOBAL SEAFOOD CHILE S.A. plants locations are selected under specific critereas and environmental conditions, such as its temperature advantage, provides superb raw materials. Our HACCP approved processing procedure ensures the most flavorful results, allowing us to access competitive markets and supply many different countries with fresh & frozen seafood.

Quality is a serious business at GLOBAL SEAFOOD CHILE S.A. Strict quality controls and continuous feedback from our customers assures value added improvements in order to get the very best product under GLOBAL SEAFOOD brand or private labels under the customer's brands.

Our seafood is custom caught and hand-selected complying with all the Chilean and worldwide environmental laws. Plant use microbiological testing in every step of the production process in order to certify our products. After we have selected the best seafood, special care is used in grading, freezing, processing and packaging to produce products that will delight your refined customers.

Quality Certification and Handling

Global SeafoodCHile S.A. works under a HACCP approved factory and is approved by the Chilean Department of Fishery. All operations are strictly controlled through laboratory analysis in order to be beyond and above all quality standards demanded by the FDA or any other international organization governing seafood.

There are regular inspections of our certified facilities and production processes. Starting with fishing and ending in the final product as a finished added value item, we are constantly striving for the highest quality. This strict quality control is what allows GLOBAL SEAFOOD CHILE S.A. to compete successfully in a worlwide market.


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